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A contemporary English version of the Bible tells us: I pray that God, who gives peace, will make you completely holy. And may your spirit, soul, and body be kept healthy and faultless until our Lord Jesus Christ returns. (1Th 5:23 ) It is God's will for us to be completely holy in thought and deed!

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In the past in some Christian circles, much of the information on this site would have been thought of as being "deep". By this we often referred to information that was spiritually beyond where we actually lived. Those days of "cheap grace" are gone. In today's world, being a Christian can be costly.
It is now time to "gird up our loins" and get serious with God! "Pure Living" is a christian guide to spiritual maturity and the discovery of spirtitual truths.

Dear friend, with this concept, we are beginning to get "real". This is indeed, "where the rubber meets the road." The question now before you is, "Will you be willing to get honest with God and search out your calling, or will you be content to settle for how things have always been?"
There is now the beginning of the last "Great Awakening" that will be ushering in the establishment of God's Kingdom here on earth. Will you be a viable part or will you be like the five virgins with no oil? (Matthew 25:1-13).

    Sinner or Sin Prone?

    What we will be exploring in an exhaustive manner is, "How can a 'sin prone' man or woman not only touch the holiness of God, but actually abide there in oneness with God?"
    Is this new relationship dependent upon what I do or on what He has already done?
    What does it mean to, "Come boldly to the throne of grace?"

    This study will give practical steps of actions for victory in the three major areas of our lives. They are first, maintaining a healthy "Spirit Man".

    Secondly, we will be exploring how we can live a life with pure thoughts.

    The third area of study is determining how we can live and operate in the physical arena of life and remain pure in thought and action.

    In short,"Pure Living" is a christian guide to spiritual maturity.

    Looking at the bottom line, we are forced to admit that one person's concept of who a Christian is, may be entirely different from your definition of a Christian.
    Because of the need to establish a foundation on which to build, it is our desire to affirm that Jesus is the basis of everything on this site. It is our desire that we project an accurate picture of Jesus because our calling must be centered in Him.
    Unless we operate in the concept of a personal Jesus, we operate in vain.

    In developing this Christian website, we are not wanting to just concentrate on theological issues. Rather, we are wanting to provide honest answers to every day questions.

    John Lounsberry
    My name is John Lounsberry and I would like to welcome you to this website.
    It seems that I have invested a lifetime in preparing for the ministry to which God has called me.
    My primary focus now is to further explore the prophetic revelation concerning America in end time events. This research will be presented in the series of books that explore the "establishment of God's Kingdom."

    The first of these books will be "Preparing The Wilderness - LOUISIANA." You can read excerpts of my first book, THE FORCE - A prophetic revelation at PositivePublications.com

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