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    It is interesting to observe that it is not unusual for us to make statements that can sometimes be misunderstood. For instance, "I don't want to operate in the flesh."
    While most Christians will understand that the meaning is that you don't want to do something "on your own" without God's sanction.

    For the purposes of this writing, we would like to differentiate between "the flesh as not trusting God" and "the flesh as the physical". We will do this by simply referring to the functions of living and interacting on a daily basis as being the "physical realm".

    Jesus was our example of God living in the physical realm. Because Jesus and The Disciples were young men, it is not inconceivable that they might have had contests such as wrestling, foot races or any number of activities that we don't normally associate with this hallowed group. Because they were energetic and full of life, we can presume that there was a lot of laughter and excitement surrounding them. These are no doubt some of the attractions that drew people to them. Then, once The Master began to speak, God's communication to mankind - Jesus, would no doubt validate his statements through the annointing of God.

    As we live in the physical, we must realize that God made us as human beings and so He expects us to operate and function in the physical. It is quite healthy to improve yourself with exercise and laughter. The statement concerning the life of Jesus should be our guide - "grow in wisdom and stature, in favor with God and man."

    As we determine the specific calling with which God has distinguished us, we are to live this life as one poet has stated, "Heart within and God overhead."

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    John Lounsberry