"Having a clear conscience"
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Having a clear conscience

    The admonition of Paul to Timothy in I Timothy 1:19, is that he is to "hold onto faith and a good conscience." We find in verse 20 that, not maintaining faith and a good or clear conscience will result in the shipwrecking of your faith.

    Having a clear conscience

    This then demands that we share how it is possible to obtain a clear conscience. Even though it seems insurmountable, obtaining a clear conscience is really quite simple. Rather, it is more accurate to say that the initiating of the process that brings about the obtaining of a clear conscience is quite simple. It is simply a matter of telling Him that you desire Him to do whatever is necessary to conform you into His (Jesus') image. However, I must warn you - He's listening!

    Having a clear conscience

    Once God begins dealing with you, it is quite possible that He will have you to make a list of everyone who you have wronged and not done everthing in your power to make it right. You will then need to be sensitive to God's direction. This is extremely important because He may require you to go to some and confess that God has convicted you that you had the wrong attitude concerning this particular circumstance. Then ask if they will forgive you. You will then be in a position to obtain a clear conscience.

    Having a clear conscience

    It may be that your direction in some situations will be to confess to God where you were wrong and pray for the individual without saying anything to that person. After you have gone through the list of people and obeyed God in each situation, you will then be in a most desirous situation. You will be able to say that you can look anyone "in the eye" and know that you have not sinned against them without doing everything in your power to "make it right".

    You are now able to enter "the conflict" with the two weapons of choice - faith and having a clear conscience.