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I can remember as a young boy, attending a funeral. During the service, the person giving the eulogy said, "He was a man of God. Why he would sit down and read an entire chapter out of the Bible at one time." Now later in life, I know that one chapter is merely a starting point for getting into the Word of God. Studying and meditating hours on end without being aware of the passage of time will become more the norm for a true disciple.

Now I know that where men will judge by actions, God judges by the heart. As you move into the "Present tense presence of the God of the universe" time has little meaning. Being in His presence satisfies a longing that is in the heart of every individual. Without Him there is a void deep inside.

Then, as you spend time with God, you develop a deeper revelation of who God is and how He wants to change the world through you. That deeper relationship will bring you to a position where you not only know Him but now you KNOW Him.

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