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Jesus is "God's communication to mankind". In the Gospel of John, we learn that "In the beginnig was the Word..." It is obvious from further reading that the Word is indeed Jesus! Because of the limited ability of "the fallen nature" to communicate in the spirit, it was necessary for Jesus, the living Word, to convey God's love to us.

We, as individuals, have various ways of communicating. For instance, who knows how many mothers have "sung in the choir" so that they could more easily see their children during a church service? All that is necessary for that mother to communicate with a misbehaving child is "the look". Every child knows that "the look" has communicated that he had better "straighten up and fly right".

Just as a mother is able to communicate without speaking, even so does God communicate with us without a "spoken word". Communication is complete when the message is received.

Someone sitting beside the misbehaving youth would not have been affected by "the look" of the mother. It is only the son or daughter of the mother in question, who will receive the communication. Jesus tells us that His sheep hear his voice. We are His sheep if we have been born again. Once that new birth occurs, it is necessary to spend time in the presence of the Father. We do this through prayer, Bible study, meditation, praise and worship, and by just being "alone with God".

It is such a comfort to be able to recognize that God loves you and has a perfect plan for your life. As you operate within that reality, you will indeed recognize the voice of God.

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John Lounsberry